Single packaged 3-ply face masks for individuals and the retail market

Our Philosophy

Primary Diagnostic Systems has always been a pioneer in the development and distribution of preventative diagnostic technologies. From polypharmacy and medication reconciliation tests to genetic cancer marker screens. Prevention has been our mantra. 

We are in unprecedented times. Most people dislike the term “New Normal”, but here we are.  Masks will be with us for the near future. Wearing a mask in public, for most, is not for our benefit, but for the benefit of our most treasured resources, our seniors and the more venerable among us, against an unseen adversary. 

While the current guidance call for wearing a scarf or bandana because “something is better than nothing”, it is our belief that the general public should protect themselves better by wearing a proper mask. A simple but very effective tool. 

Easily accessible, affordable and hygienic face masks are one way to slow and prevent the spread of a virus. For this “New Normal”, face masks are what we do.

Cecil Bennett MD
Diplomat, American Board of Family Medicine

Why wear a mask instead of a scarf or bandana?

Wearing the same scarf of bandana daily may increase the risk of infection due to previous contamination. For example, if you sneezed into your scarf or someone coughed on your bandana today and you wear that item tomorrow, you have increased your chances of infection. You will need to wash your scarf or bandana daily and use a different one each day to decrease your risk. Washing and purchasing several scarfs and bandanas can become costly and time consuming.

Why our masks?

By individually packaging our masks, we reduce the risk of contamination from handling. You do not know how clean the hands were of the last person to reach into a box of masks, touching the mask you are about to wear. You may be wearing a mask already contaminated.

Our masks are individually wrapped to prevent contamination. Stick them in your pocket or leave them in your glove compartment. They are clean and ready for use when you need them. They are affordable and disposable.

We are packaged in the USA

While it would be much less costly to package our masks in China, we choose to package our products in the USA, employing American workers.

Stopping the spread of COVID 19

There are three things we know we can do to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus; isolate ourselves, keep a 6-foot space between us, or wear a mask in public. As a company our goal is to supply masks to as many people as possible to decrease the spread of the virus. This is why our price point is very affordable. We encourage folks when they purchase a mask for themselves to also get a mask for a loved one, friend, colleague or neighbor. Get a mask for a senior you know. They will thank you for it.

Our Disclaimer

While we make no claim that our mask will block aerosolized bacterial or viral particles, our masks does have a layer of filter material to prevent the spread of moderate and large droplets.

Are you a retailer, healthcare facility or distributor ?

Individually packaged face masks. 3 layers of non-woven fabric, one layer of filter material, plastic bridge and ear rope. Use: To protect from exposure to moderate amounts of liquid, spray or debris. Keep package sealed at room temperature, avoid sunlight, do not store with toxic materials, do not wet, for single use only.