Primary Diagnostic Systems (PDS) is a personalized medicine company that is focused on providing high-quality diagnostic solutions that provide clinicians and patients with relevant, actionable clinical information. PDS specializes in delivering personalized, high quality and efficient laboratory solutions that assist clinicians to provide greater individualized patient care.

PDS’s proprietary, patented BPP Test was developed to address the issue of primary care polypharmacy — the practice of primary care physicians acting proactively addressing the usage of multiple medications concurrently within their patient populations especially seniors. Our vision is to establish ourselves through proactive leadership as the premiere, outspoken leader in the conversation of primary care polypharmacy. We define proactive leadership as the act of establishing solutions that address the problem, sharing data that educates the public, and motivating others to join our efforts.

The company was founded in 2010 and is located in Atlanta, GA.

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