Delivering quality, effective healthcare profitably has become a harder goal to accomplish. In the ever more crowded, competitive healthcare marketplace, offering unique, personalized solutions can be an avenue to grow your bottom line. PDS’s Partner Network Program is a way for existing medical-based organizations to grow their revenue by offering solutions that are extremely personalized, relatively new to the diagnostic marketplace and have very little market penetration. By partnering with PDS, your organization can expand its portfolio of services utilizing its current infrastructure which equates to significant revenue with little to no investment.

Partnering with an Industry Leader

We are extremely motivated to ensure your success and recognize that each client is different so our solutions are tailored to your specific business strategy. PDS’s Partner Network Program is dedicated to serve as the primary resource for polypharmacy diagnostic services and educational programs. As the industry expert of the BPP, PDS can offer our vast resources and knowledge toward getting your organization started. We provide consultation and can also work with your existing infrastructure and personnel.

Community Partnership

At PDS, we feel healthcare delivery is best administered on a local level.Organizations within a community play a key role in the healthcare of the community by having immense familiarity with the local patient population and the providers that serve them. Especially is the case with reference laboratories. A well-positioned local, community-based reference laboratory system offering specialty testing within their service area can compete effectively with any national laboratory.

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