In many patients, certain medications do not work as well as expected, whereas in other patients they cause toxic effects, even at lower doses. Often, drug choice and dosage require experimentation in order to find the best treatment option. For some patients, the reason may be genetic. At Primary Diagnostic Systems (PDS), we provide physicians with easy to interpret and actionable genetic reports, allowing them to truly customize a patient’s treatment plan. Patients will receive critical insights into drug effectiveness, potential side effects, and adverse drug reactions before initiating drug therapies. Patients will receive an exclusive identification card which will allow them to quickly and easily provide test results to other treating physicians.

What is Pharmacogenomics?

Pharmacogenomics is the study of genetic variations that influence individual response to drugs. Knowing whether a patient carries any of these genetic variations can help prescribers individualize drug therapy, decrease the chance for adverse drug events, and increase the effectiveness of drugs.Data with respect to a patient’s genotype is used to try and maximize drug efficacy while minimizing adverse drug effects and drug-drug interactions.

Anticipated Benefits of Pharmacogenomics
Pharmacogenomics has the potential to provide tailored drug therapy based on genetically determined variation in effectiveness and side effects. This will mean:

  • Improved patient outcomes when initiating drug regimens with a reduced risk of harmful drug to drug interactions.
  • Better, safer drugs the first time – Recovery time will go down and safety will go up as the likelihood of adverse reactions goes down or is eliminated altogether.
  • More accurate methods of determining appropriate drug dosages – Current methods of basing dosages on weight and age will be replaced with dosages based on a person’s genetics –how well the body processes the medicine and the time it takes to metabolize it.

The PDS Advantage

  • We utilize the latest instrumentation and technology, and we offer the most extensive personalized medicine panel as well as custom panels for certain specialties.
  • We provide simple collection devices for increased accuracy and adequate collection of DNA
  • Our results are reported within 3-5 days via fax and/or web-portal.