At Primary Diagnostic Systems (PDS), we take pride in addressing some of health’s toughest challenges.In doing so, we guide our efforts based on our vision and core values,which are the foundation for everything we do. At PDS, we are constantly developing our performance culture based on the core values of Quality, Innovation, Integrity and Teamwork – which is the heart and soul of our organization. We consider ourselves a leader in the health care industry because we consistently reach for greater, more personalized solutions for those in need. Our vision is to connect the healthcare marketplace with innovative solutions that provide more accessible, personalized care. 

Across our organization you’ll find employees who are inspired and engaged because we place special emphasis on high performance and ethical standards among leaders and employees at all levels.We realize that our employees’ unique perspectives, ideas and backgrounds give us a competitive edge in anticipating and exceeding our customers’ needs in today’s competitive marketplace. Not only do we value our employees for their professionalism and skills, but also for the unique viewpoint they bring to our organization.  

Diversity and Inclusion 

At PDS, we believe in including diverse individuals in our work force. Diversity in our workforce will attract and retain top talent, and encourage all employees to contribute to their full potential.You can contribute your unique experiences and background to build a community that fosters mutual respect and meaningful relationships. 

We feel our workforce should reflect the communities in which we serve. We spend a great deal of time and effort fostering a more diverse, engaged workplace. Diversity and inclusion continues to be woven into how we do business day in and day out. 

Our Core Values 

As we seek to serve patients, customers and communities, at PDS, our core values provide a framework for all corporate strategy and operational execution. We are committed to creating a culture that inspires and energizes our employees individually as well as collectively. These values are the true essence of how we work and are in every solution and service we offer. We are guided by four core values:


Quality is at the core of everything we do. Through our spirit of continual innovation we strive to employ the best available practices, and always challenge ourselves to improve through strategic planning, collaboration and teamwork.  


We innovate for the future by learning from the past. We are a company of ideas, committed to embracing the ever changing healthcare system with solutions that solve problems and serves everyone more effectively. Customers receive our strongest commitment to meet their needs and continue to create and improve ethical, forward thinking solutions.  


We are accountable to our customers, employees, communities, and stakeholders. We honor our word. Integrity is central to our open and honest communications with colleagues, customers and the communities in which we serve. 


It is essential to our success that we work collaboratively as a team.We recognize that we are stronger and more effective as a team than as individuals. We treat our employees and all our partners with dignity and respect, fostering an atmosphere where people can excel as a team.